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Dr. Kylie Burton DC, CFMP

Dr. Kylie Burton is a functional medicine specialist and an international best-selling author revered for her expertise in transforming lives, especially for those who have been repeatedly told their blood work is normal. With her unique ability to decipher lab results to uncover underlying health issues, Dr. Kylie has become a beacon of hope for thousands.

As the founder of the Functional Blood Work Specialist program and host of the top-rated podcast, Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie, she continues to lead the way in functional health education.

What People are Saying...

I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kylie and Mike for anyone navigating the challenges of advancing their business… I'm very excited to reinvent myself with their guidance and I have confidence that with their advice my business will move forward in ways that I never dreamed possible. They aren't just consultants; they're invaluable partners offering intellect, vision, strategic direction, actionable steps, and unwavering encouragement, ensuring I remain accountable in every stride toward my business goals.

Victorial Hill, DC

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